The inspiration behind this blog was my experience as an expectant parent. I began to neurotically prepare the best possible environment for our little one by immersing myself in parenting books and blogs, signing up for classes and desperately squeezing in baby questions every time I talk to a friend who has a child. My biggest learning has been that everyone has his/her own opinion and style. No one will can tell you the “right” way to parent. It’s both a blessing and a huge inconvenience.

When it comes to preparing a safe environment, I have spent countless hours researching products and health hazards in the home. I’ve literally made myself sick from staying up too late at night because I’ve been sucked into the black hole of the internet researching product after product to find the best and “greenest.” Because we expectant parents need and value our sleep, I’d like to share what I’ve learned to make this process easier on those who are beginning the baby preparation process.

This blog contains both factual information as well as my own personal option. I hope you find my posts helpful. Here’s to creating a safe and healthy future for our unborn (and born) children!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments:

Kelly Sullivan: kellytholke@gmail.com

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